Honda Valkyrie

Honda Valkyrie
The Honda F6C and Interstate is a great motorcycle. It is a so-called travel touring machine. 
Your powerful 6-cylinder box engine is, with its running and strength, the heart of the 
motorcycle. Thanks to the engine you can quietly cruising but also correct, with pressure, gas. 
The Honda Valkyrie was sold in Europe unfortunately only 2 to 3 years between 1998 and 2000. 
Therefore, there is rarely a Honda F6C Valkyrie as an EU model. The Honda F6C is not built any 
more. Our motorbikes and most. Spare parts are imported from USA. The motorcycles are 
completely overhauled. Get a complete service and full acceptance with EU papers.

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Honda Valkyrie, Custom Paint Set

Product no.: M113

9,250.00 *
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Honda F6 Tourer

Product no.: M114

10,350.00 *
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Honda Valkyrie Interstate

Product no.: M133

12,950.00 *
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Honda F6C white, candy apple flakes

Product no.: M142

10,750.00 *

Sidecar Honda F6C Interstate excavator conversion

Product no.: MMB001

37,500.00 *

Honda F6c Valkyrie black/ cherry

Product no.: M145

12,750.00 *
In stock

Honda F6C Valkyrie Twilight Silver Black

Product no.: M147

8,950.00 *
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Honda F6c

Product no.: M149

11,450.00 *
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Honda F6c

Product no.: M150

8,950.00 *
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