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Analog fuel gauge for oem Honda Valkyrie F6C, 20 Liter

Universally applicable fuel gauge for measurement without having to install a float in the tank. The fuel gauge measures the hydrostatic pressure of the fuel and shows the level on the handheld display.

It measures the fuel level of motorcycles, boats, etc. without the original fuel gauge.
No intervention in the fuel tank is required.
The display has a blue backlight
How does it work
The fuel gauge is connected to the fuel hose under the tank. The sensor measures the fuel pressure and compares it to the calibration data from the microprocessor. The output of the fuel gauge behaves like the float sensor. The connected fuel gauge then shows the current fuel level.

Motorcycles, cars, diesel engines, microlights, hang gliders, boats, etc. ...
Most gasoline and diesel fuel systems do not have a fuel pump
Most gasoline and diesel fuel systems outside the tank (excluding closed systems)

How to mount the sensor
Tape the FuelGaugePro transmitter unit with 3M waterproof tape (included)
Cut the hose and connect it to the fuel gauge with a T-branch
Connect the power cords and cable to the display
Calibrate the minimum and maximum levels
The fuel gauge is fully functional

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